PR done right

I had not idea what the fuzz was about on my Facebook wall in the past couple of days but I finally found the time to check it out.

And I was gobsmacked! The whole thing revolves around the message some guy posted on Bodyform‘s Facebook wall. Disclaimer: Bodyform is a company that produces women’s hygiene products. You know, those things with wings 🙂

Here’s his message. I have to admit that as a very sarcastic person myself I love his message. Some people were angry at Richard, I understand him (and his sense of humor).

However, the company’s reply was pure genius! Love it just as much! Below you can see the video and how awesome it is. They managed to stay relevant while turning Richard’s sarcastic tone against him in a non hurtful way (or at least I think so).

What do you think? Did the go too far? Was this funny or…you find it like you didn’t really want to know about all this “stuff”? 😀


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